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God’s Pee

God’s Pee 1999 Kona Hahanna 16”

God’s Pee 1999 Kona Hahanna 16”

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God’s Pee is my custom bike project. 

This is a 16” 1999 Kona Hahanna which has been completely rebuilt by hand with care and attention. 

Pink BMX bars!

Dope orange stem.

Single Speed with rainbow spacers and a gold Half Link chain.

Blue anodised brake boosters.

Vintage Sofatti leather saddle, classy with nice patina.

This feels like an adult BMX. I’m 6 foot and it feels like I’m 12 years old riding the raddest bike in the world when I’m on this baby. 

She has an excellent sticker job including some real rarities from my personal stash. 

Reproduction Decals by The Life Machine, the best in the business. 

Basically a cheap, fun bike to zip around town on or shred some dirt trails. 

Want to add a crate and go full ET mode? Hit me up, I’m down to make that happen. 


If you have any questions please message @gods_pee_ on Instagram ✌️

Collection from Drug Store Skate Shop, Norwich or contact to discuss courier. 

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