Independent Forged Hollow trucks

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With the forged base-plate your trucks become more stable, lighter, and thinner. With a slightly bigger, thinner baseplate than the standard Indy's, the Forged Hollow trucks become a mid height truck. The total height for a standard height Indy is 53mm while the Forged Hollows are 51.5mm. You get hollow kingpins and hollow axles. Plus the original bushing design and shape. Indy logo at baseplate and hanger
  • Stage 11 geometry
  • Improved turning: turn into and out of things easier
  • Improved stability on landings and at high speeds
  • Less wheel-bite
  • Better overall grind clearance
  • Improved 'No Hang-up' yoke
  • Longer lasting
  • Stronger on impact
  • Made in USA - guaranteed for life
  • Available in various sizes (see image for further detail)

Sold/priced as a pair of trucks