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Kingfoam Orthotics

For feet with Flat to Mid arches. A softer more dynamic arch provides a cloud-like feeling when walking however provides firm orthotic support at the moment of impact.

Kingfoam Orthotic insoles have a unique dual-density arch chamber which dynamically custom shapes to your foot providing customising arch support.

Not only will it feel like walking on a cloud, it will help relieve the symptoms of overpronation and with heal to toe layer of Kingfoam it will also absorb up to 90% of shock impact energy.

75% of people overpronate. The muscles and tendons in the foot stop being effective and the arches begin to flatten which sets off a chain reaction negative side effects in the body.


It makes you feel sore, even after just walking. 

  1. Your arch flattens too much upon impact causing your ankles to roll/lean inward.
  2. This throws your ankles and subsequently knees, hips and back out of alignment.
  3. Your joint mechanics perform and absorb impact unevenly which leaves you sore and more likely to develop acute injury such as torn ACL, sprained ligaments and early arthritis.

Kingfoam Orthotic insoles dynamically custom mould to your foot shape and help prevent Over Pronation. The result is a dramatic loss of pain/ soreness, prevention of injury and added balance and support. 

Simply replace your insoles and allow the Kingfoam Orthotics to warm to your body temperature.

What is Kingfoam? The body simply wasn’t designed to walk on concrete and sports magnify the negative effects resulting in soreness, joint fatigue and injury. Our insoles absorb that force before it can reach your body. 
Kingfoam converts shock energy into heat before it can reach your body. The heat is no hotter than your body temperature, so the shock energy is virtually eliminated. How? Nanotechnology Energy Absorption. When moved slowly the insole feels soft and comfy, once impacted, the Kingfoam momentarily freezes and converts the impact energy into a new state before it can pass through and harm your body. This same technology is used in military applications to protect soldiers from blasts. 
Adapts to each step – Kingfoam constantly eases into every pressure point relieving stressed areas and evenly dispersing impact. Walk/Run/Jump/Skate for longer before getting sore, while being helped to prevent acute injuries caused by impact force. Durability for impact after impact. A two month old FP Insole will still absorb more energy than a brand new insole from any competitor. 
The memory feature allows the padding to return to its original state impact after impact. In lab testing, all other insoles very quickly showed worse and worse performance after multiple impacts while FP Insoles continued to perform like new after repeated heavy impacts for months. Open-cell being an open-cell foam allows moisture to evaporate and not get trapped inside the insole which leads to fungal and bacterial growth. All it takes to clean FP Insoles is hot water and the sun. Once you have had Footprint Insoles you will never go back.

  • Extreme Energy Absorption
  • The nanotechnology in ARTi-LAGE Artificial Cartilage Foam absorbs up to 90% of impact energy before it can reach your body
  • Outer Material: Fabric
  • Can be trimmed to fit, includes adjustable heel risers. Dual weave fabric for longer and harder use
  • Adapts to each step: The material eases into every pressure point relieving stressed areas and evenly dispersing impact
  • Recommended for mid to high arch foot